Students boarding a campus bus

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Simplified public transportation for college students

The data-heavy bus schedule for the SUNY Oswego campus

Simplifying public transit

Data collected on the SUNY Oswego college campus suggested that students didn’t use public transportation, because it was confusing and difficult to figure out.

This was found to be caused by the poor design of the main source of public transit information; bus schedules.

Providing an easier-to-use alternative to the printed bus schedules posted around the campus was the main goal.

New mobile website for SUNY Oswego bus routes

Modern experience and interface

A resource that is always available and that removes any hard work was the desired scenario for students on the go.

Because it’s mobile-first, the site is accessible to students from anywhere using their smartphone, and it can programmatically find public transit routes for their desired trip.

The website provides transparent and in-depth information to help students use public transit with confidence, even if it’s their first time.

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